November 5th, 2009


Another random update.

Working in the government I see they're really trying to take the whole H1N1 issue seriously...but amongst most of my friends everyone just takes it as more or less a joke.  My office here at my new work place has those hand sanitizer things set up everywhere, and there's a new policy of not shaking hands when we meet someone....we should start bowing like the Japanese.

My tummy's been doing flips for the past few days now, like the flips it does when you're really hungry, except it keeps doing it even if I just ate.  And I'm sleep deprived, having to get up at 6:30am but in the habit of going to bed at like...2-3am  =__=  My mind also can't seem to wrap around the concept that I can eat more than 1 meal a day now that I have some income...albeit the habit it's gotten into of always thinking before buying anything is going to be beneficial to me in the long run I think.


Apparently I hear Obama's heading to China in November, and the Copenhagen conference on the environment is in December.  Should be interesting.  I recently went to a lecture by a Dr. Art Hanson on China and sustainable development.  He used to work with some international organization on sustainable development and now deals exclusively with China, so it was a nice little lecture to get some inside scoop.  Stephane Dion (former leader of the opposition) was there too, it was really weird.  He just walked in so casually and sat at the back, while I was like " bodyguards??".

I have a bunch of emails/messages I need to reply to from family, friends, etc., etc. but this week I've been so tired trying to adjust to my new schedule, blargh.