November 3rd, 2009

[Animals]Harper Seal-Hug?

About time for an update.

So...a month to go before I set sail (or spread wings in this case) for Japaaaaan.  Land of the sakura, where the animes lie, and the lolita outfits are calling, and adventures (or misadventures) are sure to be abound.  Sent in my VISA application and should have it all set to go by the end of the week. 

Oh, yes, and a month before I leave one of my agencies found me another job with Public Service.  I swear someone is messing with me.  Just as Im about to run out of money they plunk another job on me.  It pays pretty good, 7:30am-3:30pm, so I get off earlier (although I have to get up early too, lol).  The only...hurdle I guess is that its in an extremely bilingual environment and since my job is receptionist my French is going to need some major brushing up on.  Im so rusty since I havent been practicing it for months (and I cant get the keyboard out of French mode hence why certain punctuations are lacking in this post).

Its good to be working again, but I think I got spoiled during my past month or so just staying at home and doing whatever I want.  6am felt way too early to be waking up today.  Also, it usually it takes me about 2 weeks before I settle into a new job to the point where I start getting the hang of the routine, responsibilities, expectations, etc. and relax enough so that Im not so stiff with my co-workers.  Kind of like when a kid moves to a new school...except within 6 months Ive switched 4 jobs now  OTL

This year has been kind of crazy...learned a lot, grew a lot, but still crazy.