October 17th, 2009

[Animals]Sea Otter-Eh?

Fainting in the shower?

 Ok, I just had an odd and kind of scary experience today.  I got into the shower around noon, washed my hair and was just starting to shave when my body started feeling nauseated, heavy, tired and then stars popped up in front of my eyes.  I thought if I just breathed through it I'd be ok but then before I knew it the stars had taken over my vision and I couldn't see.  I stumbled out of the tub without turning off the water and fumbled around trying to find the sink so I could splash some cold water on my face because for some reason I felt it was just too hot and I needed something cold to get the symptoms to go away.  It kind of worked as my vision returned enough so I can make out the shape of the door and I opened it and stumbled out and had to kneel outside the bathroom door on the floor for a few minutes catching my breath before my vision fully returned and I felt comfortable enough to rush back in and rinse the shaving cream off before getting out.

The water was on the hot side but not scalding, but my showers are always like that, and even though my usual showers take anywhere from 30minutes to an hour I had been in for about 15min before it all started.  I've experienced this once before a few months ago but that time I scrambled out as soon as the tiredness settled in and so I didn't have my vision blurred to such an extent.  I looked it up online and apparently fainting or feeling faint in the shower's pretty common, but it's kind of a blow to my pride since I've been someone who, although doesn't go out of her way to stay fit (ie. gyms, eating healthy, etc.) I don't take medication regularly for anything, fairly healthy, rarely gets sick, etc., etc.  I always hear about people fainting but I didn't think it'd happen to me.

Admittedly...it was scary.  When I couldn't see and I was in the tub and I just knew it was getting worse, but I didn't know whether I could manage to get out of the tub or not.  I wanted to cry for someone to come help me but since I was alone in the apartment...(not to mention naked  OTL)

The weird thing is now that it's over I almost feel like I might have dreamed up the entire thing.  I didn't even get to finish shaving OTL...