October 5th, 2009

[Zuka]Asako - Sexy

Good grief pt2

 Pft, ok, so here's the scoop.  I'm currently living in the living of a 1 bedroom apartment with another girl in the bedroom.  She's older than me (let's say around early 30's, late 20's), married, etc., etc.  Before when I had roommates we always looked for places together, each retreated to our own rooms when we came home, none of us really cooked too regularly, slept at irregular hours, you know, student stuff.  Now currently, there's a curtain that half separates my "room" from the dining room and kitchen, but clearly I can hear everything that goes on in there.

So, yesterday, I made that post about how my roommate likes talking on the phone/skype in the dining room when I'm in my room where I can hear every word she (and the other person if she's on skype) says, but that doesn't hinder her from bitching out her husband (who's living in the States and whom she calls every single bloody freaking day then complains he never talks to her) or complaining about friends who come to visit her whom she agrees to host.

This past weekend 2 friends of my roommate's came to visit, a husband and wife.  Now, usually, with my old roommates, if we had friends over we'd have them in our room and we'd bunk with them, but given that this was a couple I guess my roommate didn't feel comfortable sleeping in the same room, so she let the couple use her room while she slept on her sofa bed in the dining room.  This morning, I had an interview bright and early at 8:00am, so I wanted to get up at around 6am.  Last night, due to my having had a nap earlier, I went to bed at about 3am playing around on my laptop.  Apparently my roommate didn't like it so much.

I had finished my interview and was back home by about 10am, but because I was in my "room" the curtain blocked it so that when you first enter the apartment you can't see me.  My roommate comes back home at around 11am and complains to her friends that "my roommate's (aka me) alarm went off at 6 and woke me up.  She was up super late last night making noise (I was typing on a laptop being extra careful not to type quickly to minimize the noise), so annoying".  I guess her friends who knew I was in quickly told her I was in my room and she went quiet, afterwards asking if I'd like to have lunch with them.  Haha, funny.

It was also really nice the other day when she made dinner and asked me to join her.  I agreed (and have since decided no more meals together because it keeps feeling like I owe her when I eat her cooking) and throughout the meal she encouraged me to eat more.  Then, the next day, she was in her room on skype and I could hear her through the wall (either the walls are too thin or she talks louder than I thought) complaining to her husband that I apparently eat everything and use everything of her's.

She certainly doesn't act her age.  You'd never think she was teaching classes at the university.  No, I don't like to cook or clean, stop pressuring me to do it.  If you want to clean the house that's your thing, it's not as if I asked you to clean up my "room" too.  Clean the rest to your heart's content.  I'll clean when I think the house needs cleaning, but don't shove your standards on me.  Yes I pay less then you in rent, but you know living in the living room's not easy (especially with a roommate like her), and I pay enough money to deserve some peace and quiet in my room and the goddamn right to SLEEP WHENEVER I DAMN WELL PLEASE.  Stop trying to be my mom or older sister or whatever, I like my junk food, yes I know it makes you grow fat but guess what, it tastes good and doesn't require cooking.  Yes I like the room messy, it's called my organized chaos.