September 17th, 2009


Mass emailing softwares?

I swear this year's purposefully trying my patience.

Anyone know of a free mass emailing software up for download somewhere?  I recently needed to email about 50 or so people regarding something and after I tried 3 different email servers I found that;

1) Gmail: won't let you send mass bulk emails because they think it's spam, so you get that "message undeliverable" error email.  Then if you persistently try gmail blocks your account for 24 hours and you can't send anything for those 24 hrs.

2) Hotmail: has a 10 people maximum limit on all outgoing emails (meaning you can only send to 10 people at a time maximum).  After sending out 2 batches of 10 hotmail also blocked me believing that I was sending spam and therefore violating their terms of service.

3) Yahoo: same as gmail.  No mass bulk emails, blockage if you try.

I googled for mass emailing softwares and came up with a bunch, but you have to pay for all of them and given that I don't run a business/organization that requires me to send bulk emails regularly I'd really prefer not to have to pay.  Stupid spammers, ruins it for all of us.