September 12th, 2009


Poster printing question

 I have a question for people on my f-list that are more knowledgeable about artwork-printing than me.

If I want to draw a poster (say, something like 35cm x 35 or 14in x 20in) in Photoshop what resolution (dpi) and canvas size should I be working in?  

Usually if I'm drawing something that I want to print out on a regular sized paper (8.5in x 11in) I'll work in 300dpi on a canvas size of 8in x 10.5in so that when I print it everything's still clean and clear, not fuzzy and crappy after having to enlarge, but given how huge some posters can be I have a feeling artists don't necessarily have to work on a canvas the same size as the poster that they want to print out in the end.  Do printing places do some funky maneouvering to enlarge images to poster-size without losing resolution?