September 2nd, 2009


Rant, rant, and a welcome

 Freak, think I need to go on another diet or something, my clothes are beginning to feel a bit tight recently again ><  My mom came to visit for a few days a few weeks back and she made such yummy food everyday I'm pretty sure I gained weight from it.  These last 15lbs or so just WON'T GO AWAY ;A;  I think I might have to make good use of that gym in the basement for a few weeks.  The thing is is that when I'm at around 133lbs (full and bloated after a big meal) or when I'm down to 127lbs (empty, empty stomach) I can actually SEE the difference when I look in the mirror.   It's just 6lbs difference but the tummy just looks that much flatter at 127, that bulge isn't there (granted the stomach's empty so that helps).  

Also there's been some more turbulance on the job front, so yay me, back on the temp job hunt trail I go =___=  I kind of want to just laugh at how pathetic these last few months have been, that wtfbbq kind of laugh.

LASTLY!!!  Everyone~  A friend of mine, and quickly becoming one of my best friends, has just started an lj account.  He's into anime, j-c-k dramas, j-c-k pop, loves learning Chinese, Korean and Japanese, etc.  He's trying out lj after I showed him all the stuff he can buy/download from here XDD So I hope everyone can give him a warm welcome~ (We all remember how intimidating it was to start off right?  Trying to play around with all the functions and stuff, lol).  So he's over at  ~ lou_qi ~