July 31st, 2009




My little orang/black goldfish died T__T  

I don't even know why, what went wrong or anything!  I feel so awful!  I go him home for just ONE day and he goes belly-up, if he had stayed in the petstore he probably would have lived longer T__T  And it's not like when my bunny died when I could take him/her out of the cage to cuddle and comfort him/her, the only thing I could do was panic around my tank praying to the fish god that he'll just magically get better.  

I don't UNDERSTAND what happened?!  I let the water sit for a few days so the PH level evened out, I let the fish get used to the temperature of the tank water through the plastic bags yesterday, I have a filter, I gave them food but was careful not to overfeed, WHAT HAPPENED??!  It couldn't have been too much toxins in the water, it's only been ONE DAY!  One minute I look over he's swmimming around with his buddy, next thing I know he's laying on his side at the bottom T__T

To my baby in goldfish heaven, I'm so sorry >_<  I don't know what went wrong but obviously I did SOMEthing that wasn't right.  I enjoyed having you around though, short a time as it was.