July 30th, 2009

[Anime]AP Hetalia-Canada&USA Baby

American soldier refuses to deploy due to suspicion Obama's not legally president...(lol)

I saw someone post about this on the [info]talk_politics community (here if you want to read the discussion in the comments, the post is unlocked) and, well, I found it amusing enough to re-post it here on my lj.

So here's the issue summerized by the HuffingtonPost;

Basically, there's a group of people in the USA right now that believe Obama wasn't born in the USA (he is said to be born in Hawaii).  Now I belive it's in the Constitution of the USA (or maybe it's just a law, I don't know, my US friends feel free to help me out on this one) that any pesident of the United States must be born in the Land of the Free and the Brave, so if Obama wasn't born in the US then that kind of brings up some problems.

Now, there's a soldier who is  refusing to be deployed to Afghanistan because he doesn't believe Obama was born in the USA and therefore can't be the president and so is in fact, not the Commander and Chief of the United States military (the president of the US is also the Commander and Chief of their military, unlike here in Canada where the PM isn't head of our military).  According to the article, the soldier states that 'he "would be acting in violation of international law by engaging in military actions outside the United States under this President's command. ... simultaneously subjecting himself to possible prosecution as a war criminal by the faithful execution of these duties."

Erm...lol?  Shouldn't this kind of stuff have been brought up DURING the elections campaign and not now, 8 months after it's been over and done with?  Where were the prostests during Obama's inauguration??  Not to mention I personally think it's quite unfair only USA-born citizens can be presidents, you don't have to be born in a country to be able to do a good job at leading it.  What if someone's born in another country and a month later moved to the USA where he/she has been living every since?  I personally wouldn't care who was PM of Canada if he/she has the country's best interest at heart and can lead well I say go for it (and looking at our present pool of politicians to choose from I'd say maybe we need an injection of some fresh blood into our system x__X).  Also, the soldier's claim that he could be prosecutd as a war criminal is XDD  If any organization even had the authority or power to try Americans as war criminals I think all those involved in initiating the Iraq War would have long been hauled in for their hearing considering the entire war was illegal.  You know this is only because Obama's black, if he was Caucasian none of this would even be a thought in peoples' minds.  People would just assume he was born in the USA and no one would even question it.  So much for equality and non-discrimination.  Obama's got a tough crown to preside over.



Welcome to the newest members of the family :D (Sorry for crappy pic, tank and plastic bag in the way)

Apparently I'm a fire dragon which means I need water in my life to balance things out and so I got something related to water XD (I could've gone the easy route and just kept a bucket of water in a corner of my room but fish are just so much more asthetically pleasing).  Usually I'm not one for all that fengshui, hocus pocus stuff, but meh, given my string of stumbles since graduation can't hurt.

I'm new at raising fish, had some when I was really young and all I could remember was they kept dying, so I asked for the easiest fish to take care of and the petstore lady pointed me to these little goldfish. I felt bad that they were only 95cents, can you imagine if your life was only worth 95cents? Although not quite as bad as I felt for the feeder fish bred and raised to bed fed to the predatory fish ;A;

Anyway, they just arrived home with me so they're still adjusting to the water temperature of the tank inside their petstore bag. One's white and orange, I got him/her because s/he reminded of those Japanese kois and the other one's orange and black. Haven't thought up of names for either (and likely never will seeing as my rabbit didn't have a name and my hamster still doesn't). Maybe I'll name the Japanese koi look-alike Kiku and the black/organge one...Yao or something >__<

Anyway, welcome to your new home babies~ Please don't die on me.

P.S. To my friends of the male gender. I realize that God, Allah, Buddha, whoever's up there didn't create you anatomically so that it was as comfortable for you to sit with your legs closed as us of the female gender, I understand and I'm sympathetic. At the same time, however, when riding on the bus/train/other public transit requiring sitting in close vicinities, can we PLEASE not take up 1.5 seats just so you can spreeeeead your legs until your leg is practically on top of my lap? Thank you, I appreciate it.

P.P.S.   I LOVE working for the government. Made $100 for every day that I worked *heart*