July 27th, 2009


YAY~!! One more step closer to going to Japan~


YAY!!!  I GOT A PLACEMENT IN JAPAN!  I believe it's in Nagasaki if I heard my recruiter right, the phone connection was a bit static-y (kind of depressing that when I went to google up images the first several pages of results were of the bombing ;A;), starting in early December :D  He's going to send me the detailed info to me tomorrow, I'll have a few days to think it over, talk it over with mom, and then it could all be set!!  Wah, I'm SO EXCITED!!

(Btw, I've always kind of wondered about this.  The two a-bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, wouldn't the radiation still be there?  I mean I'm assuming since the cities have been rebuilt that the grounds have been deemed safe for human inhabitancy, but if my chemistry teacher from high school didn't deceive me doesn't the radiation from radiactive chemicals like those contained in the a-bombs stay forever?  Like their effects lessen over time, the radioactivity halves every so many years depending on the element, but half of half is never zero right?  Hmmm...)