June 20th, 2009


Busy week with old friends <3~

 Whoa, been a busy week.  Last Thursday I headed to Montreal to meet with two of my high school friends.  One of them lives there now, going to McGill University so me and my other friend just stayed with him over the weekend.  We went to Chinatown, La Ronde (an amusement park), old Montreal, and had a boat cruise.  Then, due to some circumstances with the friend going to McGill my other friend ended up coming back to Ottawa with me on Monday and just left this morning.   It was so much fun with her around, and now the apartment's all quiet and it's just me, the hamster and the computer again D:  

Now back to my normal life again ~__~

Pictures will be posted soon...hopefully.

[EDIT]:  I am now on a Subway and salad diet in the hopes of saving $$.  Sucks to be poor.