June 10th, 2009

[Animals]Sea Otter-Eh?

Sketchy jobs?

 So after adding up my work hours for the first week that I worked at this new job, then subtracting what I spent from what I earned during that same time period, I realized that I have saved a whopping $50.  

This week, so far, between Sunday the 7th and today I've over-spent what I earned by $5.  That's not counting the fact that between tomorrow (Thursday, the 11th) and Monday I'll be visiting friends in Montreal, during which time I will undoubtedly also be spending money and, more importantly, not making any money since I can't work during the days I'm in Montreal.

So basically based on what I've seen in these 2 weeks I am basically spending everything I earn, and even overspending.  This really wouldn't be too much of a problem I guess since it's just for this summer, and my boss has been hinting that I'll probably be getting more hours starting next week.  Rent-wise (because if I can't SAVE money from my paychecks it can lead to rent-payment issues) for July I'm still ok, even if I can't save anything from the paychecks I still have enough savings from my leftover OSAP to pay rent for...2 months (July and August) and so I guess if I just make enough to cover my daily living expenses that's...ok...?  It's kind of risky-living because if...I don't know, my computer crashes and I need to get it fixed, or some unexpected expenses come up, I'll be in big trouble.  


This place is really sketchy actually.  Me and one of my co-workers who was hired along with me talked today while our supervisors/bosses stepped out and it appears there's all these secrets they're hiding from us that makes everything really...odd.  When we were first hired there was even more secrecy...but tomorrow's payday, so I guess as long as I get my paycheck (and it's actually a check, they're not even doing direct payment, is that normal? O_o) then whatever.  I'm just here for 2 months max.

Totally going to keep these job-related posts f-locked for now...probably unlock them a few months down the road so that a) my bosses don't see these suspicions and complaints on the off chance they come a-digging for stuff on my, and b) my mom doesn't start worrying unneccessarily.

P.S. Numbers are so not my thing these days, when did simple addition and multiplication get so...complicated??

[EDIT]:  Btw, this house is totally awesome.  I wouldn't want all the pink, and I'm not that big of a Hello Kitty fan, but I'd want a panda-themed house in the same way this one's themed after that notorious bow-wearing cat without a mouth.

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