June 6th, 2009

[包青天]展昭 4

Random update

 Ok, so I'm starting to get the hang of talking to strangers and asking them to take surveys/donate to the Food Bank these days...although thinking I might have to do this all summer still makes me kind of want to cry not to mention my hours aren't really enough to pay rent/food/bills.  The last few times at Chapters hasn't been so bad, I think I just hit a really bad day that first time, but it's still tiring, I had forgotten how hard on the legs/feet it is to stand for hours at a time, and my longest shift so far has only been 3.5hrs.  I want more hours so I can make more money but I honestly don't know if my legs can take it even if my boss gives me more hours.  She said she's going to train me in office work next week though, so maybe with some hours in the office it'll be better, at least I'll get to sit.

The good part is at least my boss is nice, today she bought me frozen yogurt after work XDD  Plus she's really accomodating schedule-wise, which is awesome.

In other news, does anyone else find that around the spring/summer time of year (aka around this time) they get all...romantic and lovey-dovey?  Like I don't have a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and usually during the year it's going about my daily business, but recently I got wacked with this huge dose of romanticism, ie. in the mood to watch romance movies/dramas, listen to love songs, read romance-themed mangas (usually I'm more of the wham-bam-thankyouma'am...or sir...sort where manga themes are concerned and lovey-dovey ones make me puke rainbows).  I don't really yearn for a boyfriend (or girlfriend) or anything, actually I've been unexplainably content recently (minus the glitch on the jobs-bitching bit) but it's just this mood I'm in recently and it kind of hit me out of the blue, so I'm wondering if it's like...spring/summer mating season by nature and so my romance hormones or kicking in or something??  Does that even make sense? XDD *Bricked*

Ah well, whatever, just go with the flow I guess.

Also, with all this working and wandering around Chapters I've been eyeing a bunch of books I now want to read, which is insane since during university I loathed reading books.  Now I'm looking at Noam Chomsky's books and all these books on PoliSci, world history, novels, aka non-manga stuff with no pictures (*gasp*) and actually WANT to read it just out of curiosity.  I mean I figured one day my yearning to read would return after it got vapourized through 4 years of uni, but it hit sooner than I thought it would, I mean it's just been over a month since my last exam, I don't even have my diploma yet O_o  (But I'm too cheap and poor to actually buy books right now so off I head to the library XD).  My biggest problem though is that apparently I picked up this habit of falling asleep everything I'm faced with a page full of text and no pictures, we'll have to correct that if I don't want to take a year to finish every single book =__=  It's good though, I was a tiny bit afraid uni's put me off books permanently which would suck because...well sooner or later I'd have to actually READ again even if it's for work or something.

Anyway, heading off to Montreal next weekend to hang out with some high school friends, can't wait to see them again!  My first paycheck comes the day before I go which is perfect since it means I'll have a bit of pocket money to spend while I'm there, whee~

End this post with a pic I'm working on.  Quite random, it's not of any character from any fandom, just playing around;