June 5th, 2009

[Anime]AP Hetalia-Canada&USA Baby

Early-morning phone calls T__T


I get woken up this morning by my cell phone, I'm half asleep and rubbing my eyes to try and wake up and my brain's muddled and all @___@  Blurrily I hear the person on the other end of the phone ask if I speak French, so I say a bit, and he says he's going to speak French to me to see how good my French skills are.  I make a O_o face as he starts going and I can't catch a word he says, until I managed to grab the words "intervue" (sp?) "mardi", and I'm like "YES I CAN BE THERE!!"

Thankfully he switches back to English at that point and tells me he's going to send an email confirmation for the interview time and place, because I didn't even catch the part at the beginning when I first picked up the phone and he said where he's calling from -__-;;

Good grief...

Well...at least I have an interview? Hell of an impression I probably made though, probably thinks I'm like...mentally disabled or something.