June 4th, 2009


Ok, so here we go.

Now before I dig into it I'll post my disclaimer right up here at the top.  
- Yes, I'm biased.  
- Yes, this is subjective.  
- No I'm not some PhD doctor who has spent sleepless nights digging up academic journals on this issue.  
- Yes I've read some stuff on it (mostly from my uni textbooks and in the newspapers here since I reading Chinese is a pain in the a** for me) and heard some stuff (mostly from mom, family, friends of family many of whom were there in Beijing for it).  
- Yes, I like Deng Xiaoping.  
- Yes, overrall I think the CCP's not that horrific of a leading party for China.  
- No, I do not gain anything be it monetarily, materialistically, anything by saying I like the CCP overrall and generally support them.  
- No, I'm not a spy for the CCP (but I guess even if I was I can't say it so...yeah, lol).  
- No, I do not get paychecks in the mail from them.

Ok, we set?  Ready?  Well, I wasn't going to post on this since it feels like beating a dead horse (so the saying goes) but someone posted a fanart on the Hetalia community, someone on my f-list posted on it, and there's news articles on it in...well basically any news outlet you google up. BBC was first up on my list since I get its live-feed and can skim the headlines every morning (you can leave comments there too, just make a free account~);

Has China Changed After Tianmen?
They probably could have worded that title a bit better because seriously, what country HASN'T changed in the past 20 years? Least of all China who has seen immense double-digit economic growth which has brought with it so much change to that point it makes your head spin (I swear it's like you blink and there's a new skyscraper that just appears on Beijing's skyline).  The comments are great, and it's awesome to see comments from people (foreigners and Chinese nationals) from WITHIN China. Also, lol@ that one comment on James Reynold (BBC's Beijing correspondence) report saying that his report will be censored in China and the commentor saying he/she just watched the report and he/she's in China as he/she watched it XDD Oopsies James.

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Oh, and no, the newer generations of Chinese people HAVEN'T forgotten about it, and yes, they know about it. They may not care, especially if they're born after 1990 (hell I wouldn't care if I wasn't so into politics either), but they know. In Chinese we call it 六四/six-four, meaning June 4th, if we didn't know about it and were all blinded by the government's censorship we wouldn't have a nickname slang for the incident. You say 六四/'liu si' to any Chinese and they'd all know what you're referring to. It's kind of like the open secret, everyone knows, the government knows we (and they inside China) know, we/they can discuss it amongst ourselves/themselves (I discussed it with my family when I visited China in 2005 too, no biggie, no one shushed me or them, no PLA/secret service came knocking on our doors, no one in my family dissappeared afterwards, I haven't received harassing phone calls from the CCP) the only thing the government censors is public rememberances of it, ie. news paper articles, tv broadcasts, more protests in TAM Square on this day in rememberance of this day, I think our news over here (especially that Epoch Times newspaper backed by FaLunGong that apparently is distributed internationally) makes up for it with our extensive, thorough (albeit biased) coverage though. If the Chinese government was smart they'd use Xinhua and CCTV to pump out stuff on Kent University and dig up similar stories for other incidents in other countries to mark anniversaries for those dates to counter the bashing they get on this day every year, but whatever, apparently that's not their thing.

Anyways, here, have a photo! It's then-premier Zhao Ziyang talking to the students (yeah, I heard about the new book documenting his life that just came out. More CCP-bashing, but hey if that's your cup of soup then go for it, it's called Prisoner of the State, saw it at Chapters the other day), and off to his left side (his left, our right I guess when we look at the photo) it's....*~drumroll~*...CURRENT PREMIER WEN JIABAO~~~~ 宝宝~~~~ can't fangirl, can't fangirl, can't fangirl, can't fangirl Sorry, I'm a bit of a Wen Jiabao fangirl after reading up on him following last year's Sichuan earthquake :D~~ (so do take that into account when reading anything I write relating to him/CCP XD). 

Last year around September CNN actually interviewed Premier Wen and one of the interview questions related to this photo of him at TAM. It was a pretty good interview I think (wish there was a Chinese version without the dub-over on the Premier's voice though, but oh well), and if you're interested I'd recommend watching all 4 parts (about 25 minutes all together), the specific part regarding the TAM photo/incident is right at the beginning of part 3;

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaEEr-Q7fME
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEoIwT7KXcg
Part 3 (TAM question): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVTl9U3Buko
Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0a4WUEL7bs

So there, my 2 cents. Now to hurry off and get ready for the work ;A;