June 2nd, 2009


Lol, what the hell...

 This has got to be the most mood-swing inducing job ever, lol.  Even my 3 years at Zellers doing retails wasn't so bad.  Today this morning we had to go to a food court in a government building/shopping centre promoting donations to the Food Bank while offering free trigger-point massage therapy (we weren't doing therapies ourselves, they had a trained pro doing it, we just had to get people interested).  That was a bust and me and my new co-worker were so bored we were literally considering quitting on the spot.  It made me almost cry just tihnking that in the afternoon I had another shift.  Then afterwards me and my new supervisor went to a GoodLife Fitness club to do some promotion/surveys, the same ones we did at the Chapters, but we got such a better response.  I think about 80% of the people I asked agreed to take the survey this time vs maybe just 20% at Chapters (makes sense I guess since the survey was on health workshops and GoodLife Fitness is all about working out and health).  This time with the positive response I had a lot more fun, and afterwards as my supervisor drove me home we chattered about eating habits and discovered we both loved going to this one restaurant near my place.

If this keeps up by the end of summer I'm going to be PMS-ing all day long going from soaring highs to depressing lows.

[EDIT]:  Canada...Matthew...darling....dearest...I love you...but...good grief...with that voice you're doomed to bottom for all eternity regardless of how much geographical-arguments you slam on the table...and floating around conference roams semi-transparently?  That's...kind of creepy O_o

 *Huggles the poor, forgotten baby.  You'd think with parents (France and UK) AND a brother (USA) in the room ONE of them would remember/recognize the little dear~*