May 23rd, 2009

[Animals]Sea Otter-Eh?

Any other broswer aside from IE, Firefox and Netscape?

My computer's being funky these days and for some reason everytime I use IE to sign into hotmail (my primary email account) it freezes, which then freezes my entire computer and I have to restart. In Netscape and Firefox I can sign into hotmail but I can't open any of the emails or write any emails as the page just loads forever and ever.

So, does anyone have any other browsers to recomment that I can try aside from these three??

Also, is there a way to get messages delivered to my hotmail to be forwarded to of my gmail accounts? I've done it the other way around (getting a copy of the emails sent to my gmail account to be simultaneously forwarded to my hotmail account) but I don't know if it's possible from hotmail to gmail.