May 20th, 2009

[Animals-Drawn]Panda - FOOD!!


I think I'm still in shock, but I finally got a job!! After 2 weeks of frantic searching I finally found one :D!!

Now the newest dilemma, this job is in a great environment, when I went in for the interview everyone was so friendly and nice, the pay's also good but it's not with the government. Tomorrow I have an interview for another job that's with the Department of National Defence, and I don't know when exactly the final decisions for that position will be made even if I get accepted in the end, but it's with the government so it might look more appealing on my resume. What to do...accept the first job immediately, or try and wait out for the second one? I'm leaning towards the first option...I mean by this point I just want a job so I can pay my bills and put my mind at ease, and while working for the DND sounds awesome I don't have a good grasp on whether I'll even get the position or not. I'll make my decision tomorrow after my interview with the DND but ooh, when it rains it apparently pours (in a good way though, lol).

Thanks to everyone who gave me so much encouragement in my previous posts whining about the pains of job hunting. It really helped keep me determined and motivated to keep at it, and it paid off in the end :D Thanks again you guys! Love you all~