May 14th, 2009

[Animals]Sea Otter-Eh?


Watching "The Apprentice" (reality tv show hosted by Donald Trump where candidates perform tasks to compete for a position to run one of Trump's companies) is depressing when one has no job.  The people on there are so competitive and aggressive, willing to take risks and jump into things head first. 

Then I look at the dozens of resumes I've sent out with no reply and it makes me all...aggravated.  Between May 6th and today I've literally sent out over 50 resumes, got 2 calls from job placement agencies for interviews, and just one actual job interview.  Isn't that depressing?  I don't get it, am I doing something wrong?  Is it the way I write the application emails?  Is it my resume?  I've looked up good resume writting tips and tried to follow them as much as possible.  Everyday I'm on the Canadian government's job bank website as well as Workopolis and Jobs Open, refreshing the page several dozen times a day during working hours for new job postings, sending resume to every administrative assistant, office receptionist, clerical work, data entry type job that is posted.  Is it just I don't have sufficient experience compared to others who are also applying?

What is this barriers that's stopping me from getting interviews??  Is it just lack of experience?  Lack of job openings due to the economy?  At the last job interview my interviewer told me they received about 240 applications for the position within 3 days or something.
If it's those types of factors there's not too much I can do except keep trying, but if it's something I'm doing wrong then I want to fix it as soon as possible. 

Anyone have any suggestions?  How do you write your resumes?  For mine, aside from the standard contact info I have my education on there, relevant skills and qualifications (experience using Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, government secret level clearance, etc.), my previous job experiences wherein I specify the title of the position, the dates of employment, the company/employer, and then I list out the tasks I was responsible for in point form using bullets (because apparently potential employers don't like reading paragraphs), and then finish off with my references.

*Sigh*  It's already May 14th, 2 weeks after my last exam, 50+ applications sent and only 1 job interview ;A;  All of my friends are organizing various get-togethers these days as we kick off summer and everyone wants to hang out before we all go our separate ways, but since I don't have a job yet I'm not even in the mood to hang out.  Even when I'm around friends my mind's constantly thinking about jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs and that makes me no fun to be around these days.  At the same time I really do want to spend time with friends since come September I'll be leaving for Japan, plus I'm graduating so it'll be harder to see a lot of them as often as I used to during school.  Argh, why is this so bloody hard??!