May 1st, 2009


Swine flu

So anyone been following up on this whole swine flu ordeal?  I first saw it pop up on the headlines of my news feeds a few weeks ago, and now there's something about it everyday.  Anyone with a run-down of symptoms, consequences and ways to avoid contraction (and possibly how it all started)?  I skimmed some of the headlines and apparently it can be transferred from human to human and there's a connection to Meixco resulting in several travel agencies cancelling trips to the country?  I got an email from my university about it too, suggesting students delay or cancel any planned trips to Mexico and to be alert.

Not a day of peace in this world, pft.  At the same time it kind of feels surreal, like all this panic over this new flu is...I don't know, happening somewhere far, far away.  I guess maybe I always thought of epidemics or pandemics as things like the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa or like the spread of smallpox and the plague back in history.  Hmm...what's the death and contraction total from the flu as of right now anyway?  I heard of I think...2 deaths in Canada.

Hmm, I wonder if any conspiracy theorists will start tossing around the idea that maybe a/some government(s) started this to force money into the economy to get out of the recession (people rushing to buy medication, the money needed to make and distribute vaccines, a lot of money goes into fighting medical emergencies).  I mean during the last depression of the 1930's apparently according to some economists by the time the economies had slumped to the degree it has today the world was already embroiled in WWII. Starting another World War to fight recession is trickier and riskier today than in the 1930's, so maybe some conspiracy theorist will start pointing fingers at this flu as the viable solution thought up by a/some government(s).

Ah well, flu or no flu, still have to go on with my daily life.  I swear in the next life I'm coming back as a panda.  Eat, sleep, get pampered, have own private fedex plane for travelling and a supply of free panda prOn, rawr.