April 26th, 2009


2 questions for my livejournal friends

Just out of curiosity, does anyone ever sometimes see a comment on a community post and you think "that was...very odd O__o" and just based on either the grammar/spelling (non-native speakers of the language of the comment excluded) or the maturity of the content of the comment or SOMEthing you guestimate the commentator is maybe in his/her early teens or teens at the oldest.  Then out of curiosity you go to their profile and find out they're, say, in their 30's and it makes you think why that person doesn't seem to possess any common sense?  I realize maturity level, common sense, logic and such are subjective, but I mean, when we interact with someone of a certain age group there's this certain level of reason, logic, common sense, etc. that we would expect them to possess right?  That's why we don't go up to a 30 year old and start using elementary school level language to speak to them nor do we talk to a child as we would an adult, even if we're just meeting them for the first time.  Is it because it's the internet and so people feel like under the anonymity they can be more...stupid?  I find that happens a lot on youtube comments where people toss around some of the most dispicable comments but generally with blogs that phenomenon's not as bad.  Still, it just makes me wonder.

Another question for those on my f-list.  Has anyone had random people friend you, then you go to check their journal and it's all in Russian, then awhile later they de-friend you and they never comment on your entries ever?  I think I have like, 7 or 8 of those journals friended to me right now and they'll just randomly de-friend me and another one will friend me again awhile later.  I never had it happen when I first started on lj but I noticed it beginning...last year I think.  It doesn't really bother me since they're not spamming my lj or anything, but it's odd.  I don't write any entries in Russian nor do I read Russian, so I can't even read what their entries are about.

On a random note, I downloaded a bunch of 3D programs like DAZ 3D and Sweet Home 3D.  DAZ is pretty cool, it's like Poser if anyone's heard of it, except it's free (and not as advanced or complicated from the reviews I read).  You can download these 3D figures of people and animals and whatnot (there're free ones and there are ones you can buy if you want more intricate stuff) and you can pose them however you want.  I'm just using them as drawing guides right now since anything more is a bit too complicated for a novice like myself (and expensive) but some people do full-out 3D animations and such with these programs.  Sweet Home 3D is a free program too and lets you design houses.  I have no idea what I'm going to actually use it for since I really have minimal interest in architecture but it's fun to play around with designing dream houses I guess, lol.  There's a lot of jargon to get my head around though.  I mean in photoshop we toss around words like burn, dodge, path, layers, vector, mask, multiply, screen, stroke, pattern, etc. which I'm sure for anyone who has never used photoshop sounds like a crossword puzzle.  For these 3D programs I'm the same, even trying to use the 'help' menu is tough because I don't even know what kind of help I need @___@

(I just remembered my livejounal posts automatically get uploaded to my facebook as notes, so for anyone reading this through my facebook just ignore the 2 questions as it applies to my livejournal blog only...no Russians friending me on facebook just yet, lol.)