April 24th, 2009




There's 2 Hetalia figurine sets that I want, one is a keychain set (A and B)and the other is just a figurine set (the ONE COIN figurine set it's called...I guess because they're standing on coins?).   I want the keychain set more than the just figurine set because I can actually USE the keychain set, but I don't know if I want to buy whole sets or just the countries I like.  Grrr...and looking on Ebay each keychain goes for anything from $10-$20 USD PLUS around $10 shipping with whole sets going at $99USD (so $198 for sets A and B).   I want at least China and Canada, but then there are countries like USA (whom I can't seem to find @__@), Russia, Japan, whom I like (or just want to slash with Canada or China, lol) but don't really want to shell out $20-$30 for.  I don't know if I should just buy individual characters or just wait until Japan and buy the whole sets.  But then what am I going to do with like...30 keychains?? O__o;;  *Sigh*  Oh, and there's some Kuroshitsuji keychain/cell phone charm figures I'm eyeing too but...blasted.

(Just for reference, here's China, USA, Russia and Japan from the One Coin set, no Canada because they only did the main Ally and Axis Powers for this set.)

Usually I stay away from figurines because I can't actually DO anything with them, they'd just sit and collect dust, but these Hetalia and Kuroshitsuji ones are so tempting me...until I remember as much as I enjoy starring at them I can do the same with a picture on my picture instead of shelling out like...$90 for a set of figurines