April 7th, 2009

[Zuka]Osa - Prince

[Fanart}Hetalia - China - My first animated GIF!! :D


Look, look!  It's the first animated GIF image I've ever created :D  Well actually, no, that's kind of a semi-lie.  I've made one other animated GIF before, it's one of my Kazuki userpics, but that wasn't really fully done by me since I just took scans of Kazuki and made it into moving frames.  This time I actually drew the pictures out frame by frame in Photoshop then linked it together in Adobe Image Ready. 

Character of my experimentation is Wang Yao/China from Hetalia (how predictable XD).  It's so rough and untidy, but I'm so proooooud, prouder then writing those 16-pg essays XD  

Collapse )

Have to tidy up the lines, make the movement flow a little more smoothly, and add some colour, but I'm so excited I got this much done XD  My final goal is to make one of those Hetalia MADs (basically a music video, don't know why it's called MADs in this fandom) using my own drawings, which is what motivated me to look up how to use Image Ready (although for the MAD since I have to add music I'll be using Adobe Premier most likely). 

Total number of layers: 21
Total number of frames: 29
Total time spent: 6 hours