April 5th, 2009

[Anime]AP Hetalia-Side by Side

[Fanart] China PLA uniform (lineart)


Been working on a piece of China art for APHetalia.  It's taking so long though since it's China in a PLA (Peoples' Liberation Army) uniform and so I had to go google up all the little details (even their freaking buckle has a design on it!!).  Even so, I'm positive the uniform's not accurate (there's just so many versions), I probably have like, the shoulder thingies of a regular soldier mixed with the hat insignia of a general and the sleeve decors of a captain or something x__X  Plus the PLA just updated their uniform designs a few years ago, so amongst my googled results which I based me drawing off of I might have mixed up old designs with the new ;A;  So hard drawing military uniforms, but damn it's smexy.

Only have the lineart more-or-less done though, still have to do colouring and background.  Did 2 versions, one with hat and one without.  I'll post the finished version on the hetalia comm once it's all completed.

*Sigh* You'd think with exams in a week's time I'd find more productive things to do with my time (albeit I guess drawing is better than what I was doing before, sleeping the days away and watching movies on my computer every spare minute).  We just finished our last Mandarin tutorial on Friday (I've been a 'teacher' there this year, held by the Chinese Students Association at my university once a week) and I was surprised at how sad I was that it was over.  Really came to like some of the students we had.  If I wasn't graduating I'd teach there again next year :(  I don't think it's sunk in yet that in September I'll be going to Japan and leaving my friends here for at least a year...it just still seems...surreal somehow.

Oh, and whichever anon on hetalia_kink filled that request about America selling himself out as a rentboy to pay China back its debts? XDD  Ingenious, *fans self* that's some hot stuff.  I did feel bad for America though, I want to see the debts repayed to China (though maybe not all of it..I like the idea of China having a certain hold over the US *ebil like that*) but I certainly don't want to see the US going through all that in an attempt to pay it back =O  Hetalia really needs to be made into a full-length anime instead of 5-minute webcasts...like..now.  Screw political correctness.