March 23rd, 2009

[Seramyu]Nao - Uranus

Calling home

For those of you who live away from home be it for college/university or whatever other reason, how often do you call your parents?

I'm "suppose" to call my dad in China every month, and my mom a little less often than that since we also email each other, but I can never seem to stick to the usually ends up being like 3 months before I call my dad and even longer for my mom.  I feel so crappy when I don't call for a long time and the next time I call they're like "Oh I've missed you!  I was worried what happened to you~'!" and I always say to myself 'this time I'll make SURE to call within a month' then end up dragging it for more than that -___-

Gotta call mom tonight, gotta call mom tonight, and dad too actually, s'been awhile since I called dad too >__<
[Zuka]Mizu - Warrior Within

Job interview~

Ack, 2 posts in a day, 3 in 2 days, it's been awhile since I've been this diligent in posting.  Anyway, have an interview this afternoon for a potential summer job, hope it goes well~  If I get the job it'll keep me over until I head to Japan (aka allow me to pay rent, bills, buy food and possibly start paying back some student loans...? for the summer months).  So much to do before heading to Japan, figuring out whether to go to Convocation or not, figuring out how to move all my stuff from my university residence here to my mom's place, and I WOULD like to spend at least a bit of time with my mom before I head to Japan.  Then there's VISA application (thank god AEON's helping me out with that), buying the ticket for the flight over, etc. and of course more urgently making sure I actually pass all my courses this semester >__<   My exam schedule sucks, I have 1 exam on the first day of the exam period and then 1 exam on the very last day D:

Oh, and can't forget to call mom and dad tonight, lol.  Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous post ~

[EDIT]: Darn, another placement agency interview.  There's like 10 of these placement agencies in Ottawa and I think I've signed on with like, 6 of them by now >__<