February 7th, 2009


Food scandals, who's next?

Anyone following up on the US peanut salmonella outbreak? (I didn't even know peanuts can be contaminated with salmonella, I thought that was something associated only with meats O___o;;)

U.S. peanut company may have knowingly shipped tainted goods

Several dudes involved in the milk scandal in China got hit with the death penalty and the CEO of the Sanlu company responsible got life imprisonment, Maple Leaf deli responsible for the listerosis outbreak in Canada last year settled the lawsuit with $27million, wonder what the judgement in the US is going to be for those invovled in this peanut one.  The Sanlu company's bankrupt and gone now in China, Canada's Maple Leaf company's still up and running, we'll see how this US company fares.  I personally think, a couple million bucks for a corporation's spare change, but I guess if the families of the victims are satisfied then that's that. 

[EDIT]: Btw, it's so nice to see those buses running again :DDD!!  Oh, how I've missed you our lovely white and red buses!!  If only we can fire the drivers and replace them with people that actually deserve and want the jobs I'd be so much happier! Or a settlement to disband that damned greedy, hypocritical, selfish and moronic union would do just as well!!  Or how about calculating the additional costs every person in Ottawa had to pay due to the strike and making that union compensate everyone?  They owe the city at least that much.  People have spent millions over the past almost-2-months on taxis, people have lost jobs/had to quit jobs, people have had to find places closer to work/school to stay, all because the union wanted better pay on top of their 60-100K/year salary, weren't happy with their scheduling system and wanted to bitch that some customers were rude.  Oh boohoohoo, I've heard bus drivers yell and curse at customers too you know, it's not like all the bus drivers are saints here.