January 28th, 2009


春晚/Chinese New Year Gala


Rumour is that those in China don't even bother watching the annual Chinese New Year Gala anymore because they feel the programs aren't very good.  For me, I wait anxiously to watch the Gala to experience some of the festivities.  Someone uploaded the 2009 Gala to youtube already, linked above :)


Anyone watched it?  Which programs did you like?  I really liked Zhao Benshan's comedic skit, and even "Da Shan" performed!  (Da Shan's a Canadian from Toronto who's extremely famous in China.  His English name is Mark I think, and he speaks Mandarin completely fluently.  He has a program on CCTV teaching foreigners how to speak Chinese...or is it Chinese how to speak English?  Well, one of those, lol).