January 17th, 2009

[Animals-Drawn]Panda - *SLUMP*


I miss my mom :(  Except I know if she's actually here with me on a daily basis she'd drive me crazy.  She just...she just spoiled me too much during the holidays and now I'm missing her, her cat, the house, the days of lounging on the couch, eating chocolates and yummy home-made meals, and doing nothing productive at all.  The nicer she is to me, the guilt-ier I feel, guilty for not getting all A's in school, guilty for not being more successful, more ambitious, more of a go-getter, guilty for not having found a decent job in all 4 years of university, guilty for having wasted all that money, just damn guilty, and I don't like the feeling either.  I'd stick a photo of her here for you to see what the best mom in the world (in my opinion) looks like except she doesn't like having her photos posted online.

In other news, having a bed in the same room where I'm suppose to study and do other productive things is deadly.  I start the day being all ambitious, gotta do this and that and all this stuff then by the time it's noon I sneak a glance at my warm and cozy bed (this cold weather doesn't help), promise to just lay down and snuggle in the blankets for a few minutes then BAM I've napped the afternoon away.  Then I wake up all groggy with a headache and grumbly and just icky.  Lovely.  I feel like a bear in hibernation.