January 14th, 2009

[Animals]Wolf-Nature's Majesty

Can I have my igloo now?

-26 Celsius, -38C with windchill.  Whenever it's nice and sunny out in the winter here (like today) it's freezing cold, like, freeze your breath before it leaves your mouth cold.  When it's warmer (ie. 0C to -10C) like yesterday it's usually snowing, wet, with slush-covered roads and puddles galore (which then freezes over on the cold days making walking a code red hazard).  This suuuuuuuuu~cks, I need a portable heater to shove under my coat when I go out today :X

[EDIT]: Dammit, need a new computer speaker system and I can't get to the WalMart, Best Buy or Future Shop without a bus.  Grrr...this bus strike is really putting a crimp in my life, more than I thought it would.  Thankfully I still got my laptop to fall back on *sigh*