January 11th, 2009


2008 - year in review..sort of..well, MY 2008 experience anyway.

I want another bunny :X  But since I'm probably leaving Ottawa after graduation getting one now would be quite impractical, so I've resorted to talking to the pigeons that land on my window sill outside XD  They usually respond with "....<___<" and if I'm lucky I get a "coo~" before fluttering off to gossip with his/her buddies on the electric wires about the weird lady who talks to pigeons from her apartment room.

On a completely different note, it's been over 30 days and our buses here are still on strike.  The economy's in a rut, people are losing jobs left and right, it was smack during exams and the holidays, directly after our first big snow, and our bus drivers' union decided that making $60k-$100K/year wasn't good enough and that in order to gain "respect" they're gonna leave us all stranded.  So 2008 ended on a high note for us, lol.  2008 was a crazy year;

-started with a snowstorm in southern China smack during Chinese new years,
-March was the Tibet riots,
-the rest of March, April and early May was a rollercoaster of emotions as political debates online raged and every spare minute was spent stalking discussion boards.  Emotions ran high, peoples' grievances against "the West" poured out like an erupt volcano, patriotic Chinese both abroad and within waved their country's five-star red flag with pride in cities across the globe as I prowled online to keep up with the latest news and see if "the West" learned anything (sadly, they apparently didn't learn much, lol.  Some are starting to get it, though, a minority to be sure, but there's a few smart ones in the bunch),
-then there was Nargis in Burma/Myanmar (funny how it's not in the news headlines anymore, though I severely doubt the situation has gotten much better) 
-followed a few days later on May 12 by the earthquake in Wenchuan, more internet stalking for news, crying, tears, falling in love with a certain grandpa-like premier (you should see some of the music videos made for him and President Hu Jintao (Hu Boss, as his fans call him, lol))
-summer's job hunt was a disaster,
-but the Olympics in August were amazing (my cousin saw Tony Blair at a track event!!!  I'm such a PoliSci geek XD),
-October we had a federal election that costed $300million and brought us back to status quo (-___-),
-November the US had an election (Obama-worship  galore for those months, you'd think the man is Superman, Batman and Spiderman combined given the amount of hope and expectations heaped on the guy.  Actually, what I saw in the USA this time around reminded of those documentaries I watched of Mao Zedong during his speeches.  I guess people really aren't so different, Chinese, American, citizens that are desperate for change are all prone to the worship-syndrome for any potential leader that can boost morale and bring hope regardless of which country they're from),
-and the economic plummet (Bernie Madoff?  Lol, good job dude.  You're an asshole, but at least you took the legs out of a bunch of other greedy bastards like yourself when you went down too),
-followed with our government's suspension
- my bunny dying
- my personal financial crisis
-the bus strike
-snowstorm in several USA states and Canadian provinces that left people stranded at airports and without electricity for days (kind of ironic, China's snowstorm headed the year, and it's like the snowstorm just moved right along and decided to end the year on the other side of the Pacific). 

Whew.  Does anyone do astrology or tarot or something?  Were we just cursed in 2008 or something?  Did some planet align with some other planet and decide that homo sapiens needed to be taken through the wringer in 2008 for their moronic-ness?  Well, for everything that happened in 2008, 2009's starting out with a pretty big bang too.  Not even two weeks into it yet and a war's broken out (again) in Gaza.  Let's see how 2009 shapes up to be :)