April 4th, 2008


The day the Great Wall got called a "Staircase"

Sometimes you meet people who just makes you want to tear your hair out in frustration yet at the same time just shake your head in disbelief.  Today, I was at the bus stop with a friend, waiting for the bus.  This older man comes up to me and I guess he judged from my looks that I was Chinese and he's like "hey look at this pin I've got" and proceeded to show me this pin on his hat that was a panda with the word "China" under it (he had lots of different pins on his hat, souvenirs from one occasion or another I guess).  It was a cute pin so I was like "oh that's adorable, you've visited China before?"  to which he responds no but I guess some friend of his had or something and bought him the pin.  He then kept talking and showed me 3 other pins, one of the Great Wall, another of the Forbidden City's front gates and a third of Mao Ze Dong.  This was where I started wanting to cry and laugh at the same time.  He called the Great Wall "the longest staircase in the world", called the Forbidden City "that place where they all pray" and asked if Mao was still alive today.

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Brr...next week's the last week of class...this semester's dragged on too long I think, my patience with anything, everything and everyone's wearing thin.  It'd be interesting to note the frequency upon which I use swear words at the beginning of the school year compared with at the end, along with the frequency and severity of irritation caused by various...incidents.  School's not good for one's health I tell ya, the longer you stay in it the more you get stressed and irritated.  Heck modern life isn't good for one's health I'd argue.  Just waiting for the day the meteor strikes us and clears us out...hopefully before we start spreading our poisonous tentacles into outer space...let's at least keep the pollution on this planet and spare the rest of the galaxy.