December 24th, 2007


Farewell and wishes of the best in the future~

It's the 24th here in Canada today...but the day has already come and gone in Japan ...I tried my best not to think about it yesterday (not too hard considering my craptastic morning yesterday and how preoccupied that left me).  Amazing how in so short a time I can become so fond of someone halfway across the globe who doesn't even know I exist and whom, a mere few months earlier, I didn't know existed either.  Maybe that's a good thing...I mean although I feel a tug of sadness that she's leaving, I can't even imagine it for those that have followed her rise to fame all through the years and now have to say goodbye.  I hope she'll still grace us with appearances in the spotlight in the years to come, even if it's just sparingly.  (For those that have question marks now circling above their head, yesterday in Japan the amazing and beautiful Haruno Sumire featured in my userpic for this post retired from Takarazuka).

For the rest of you, HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE though it's still morning time-wise!!!!