December 20th, 2007


Home sweet home...until I saw my room.

Dial-up internet is even slower than I remembered -___-;;  Took 3 minutes just to log in (actually 3 minutes doesn't sound like a lot now that I've typed it out, but it feels like eternity when one's used to almost instantaneous results).  I think I'm going to be super-scarce this week and a half on lj.  But, since I'm on here and I've waited the 6 minutes it took to log in and load the "post an entry" page, I might as well stick an update here.  The 10 hour bus ride was fun, loads of fun, drooling on my coat while napping on the bus kind of fun.  Listening to Osa for 10 hours didn't, surprisingly, make me want to scream as much as I had predicted (I mean, I love the woman, but 10 hours of anything makes you pause and reconsider). 

Upon arrival at home, I found something I haven't seen in a loooooooooong time...a full fridge XD  Had a great home-made meal with's cooking...heaven *-*  We watched Rose of Versailles (2001 Soragumi version) and Revue of Dreams (Tsukigumi) as we ate XD  I skipped through most of the stories (aka conversational bits) and focused mostly on the dances and songs particularly the finales since I wanted to show my mom the shinies lol.  I'm surprised my mom didn't fall asleep, usually when I stick anything of mine into the DVD player she feigns interest but always ends up falling asleep about 10 minutes into it, this time she actually watched all the scenes I showed her and even seemed pretty impressed by the otokoyakus' tuxedo dances at the end :D  Trust me, she doesn't get impressed very easily by anything put forth by the entertainment industry, she detests the comsumeristic drive of that particular section of society with a passion.  This also means, obviously, I have yet to reveal to her how much money 'Zuka's already costed me x___X;;  Afterwards, I discovered that the main data disc I had made with all my 'Zuka clips, shows and MP3's didn't work, which made me want to cry.  Thankfully though, I have Osa's Elisabeth show on another DVD and I snatched the songs from my MP3 player plus a few 'Zuka shows I brought on actual DVDs (aka VOB files that play on the DVD player and aren't avi files) so it's not a total loss.

When I ventured upstairs to my room I got blown away.  It looked like a tornado had run through O___o  I should've taken a photo before I started to clean it up.  I don't know what I was thinking leaving my room in that condition when I left last summer (summer of 2006 summer before last technically I guess).  Man, there were books thrown on the bed and on the floor, clothes hanging on my storage room door, plushies tossed across the floor in the storage room storage area, bills, letters and lecture notes from first year university that I guess I brought back in summer of 2006 and I just left them strewn on the floor, CD's piled beside my stereo - some outside their cases, random boxes of stuff (keychains, cheap plastic jewellery, pins, hair accessories, etc. in shoe boxes and tin boxs) lying around some without the lids on, omg.  Such a huge mess, and so MUCH STUFF!!!!  I don't know when or how I managed to garner up so much STUFF!!  I don't even remember there being so much...especially all the little things that are so freaking hard to categorize neatly into boxes or whatever.  Little trinkets and stationery and cutesy stuff that girls seem to LOVE collecting until they have so much that they can NEVER use up in a life-time.  I mean I think I found like, 3 Blue Bear binders, 5 sets of Blue Bear stationery pads, a few unused (still in plastic wrapping) diaries, not to mention probably another 5 or 6 set of the White Snow stationery set pads and diaries, pink and/or heartfilled agendas and organizers, tons of cute pens and pencils, gel pens, smelly pens, glittery pens, little stickers that some people stick on the stationery with the letters, I DON'T EVEN WRITE LETTERS, DIARIES, OR USE AGENDAS/ORGANIZERS!!! O_____o;;  That's what lj's for.  There's probably enough girly things that are BRAND NEW and UNOPENED for me to give away to all my friends for the next ~3 Christmases x____X  (*coughcough* so anyone that usually gets presents from me for Xmas don't be surprised if for next year you find a Blue Bear stationery pad or binder or something <___<)

Oh let's not forget the ~20 sets of playing cards that I bought for the anime pictures printed on them, ~15 sets of tarot cards I bought for the same reason, random crystal blocks with Prince of Tennis characters painted on them, countless anime keychains/ stickers/ bookmarks/ fans/ organizers/ agendas/ stickers/ stationery/ pins/ artbooks/ pencil boards/ wrist bands/ cosplay bits and pieces/ whatever else you can think of.  Digging through my dresser I found more clothes that I guess I didn't bring with me to university because by the end of summer 2006 they didn't fit right anymore?  There's like, ~15 plain white t-shirts sitting in my dresser from back when I wanted to print out iron-on's and make anime-themed t-shirts and sell them at the anime convention...that was like, back in grade 10 or 11...4-5 freaking years ago O____o;;  It's insane, ridiculous, so ludicrous that I can cry at how much junk I have, and over at university I'm still constantly buying more x____X  I need to call the Salvation Army or United Way and be like "yeah I have a room full of stuff, I need you to come clean it out for me, bring a truck, no wait, bring two" or SOMETHING.  It's insane up there.  Before I leave I'm going to take photos of my room and everything I've got and once I'm back in Ottawa with the good internet I'll upload them and you can see for yourselves the madness.  I so wish I lived closer to home so I can come back every weekend and I can sell some stuff over the net, that way I can take orders during the week while at uni and then on the weekend come home and send the packages out.  I think what I'm going to have to end up doing is after I graduate, get a job, and moved into my own place, come home with a U-Haul truck and lug all the stuff I want to sell to my place in Ottawa and sell from there.

*Sigh* So. Much. Stuff.  Now let's see how long it takes dial-up to post this entry.