December 19th, 2007


Going hoooooooome~!!

WOOT!!  Last day of exams!!  For me anyway ^^  So, 2-5pm is my USA History exam, then 12:30am tonight I'm off for ho~me~

I didn't realize how much room clothing takes up...that little suitcase is looking pretty stuffed O____o  Better make sure I don't buy anything that I need to bring back to Ottawa with me when I come back in January...there's literally zero room.  I need a medium sized suitcase...the big one I have is huge, the small one is too small to jam in all the stuff I need for 2 weeks at home...need something in the middle.  Predictably though, if I get one it'll still be too small, there's always more stuff to bring then room in the bags lol.

Now to sift through my 'Zuka MP3's to choose which ones to stick on my MP3 player for the 10 hour bus ride tonight/tomorrow morning.  This is the one and only time when I wish I had one of those 4 GB MP3 players (ability to play videos wouldn't hurt either XD), usually my little 500MB baby plays enough songs for me to get from point A to point B with no problem...but 10 hours...hmm...maybe I'll just take a nap on the bus...pass the time faster.

Ok, so the main point of this post was to let everyone know I'll probably be a bit scarce for the next two weeks (not that I'm super abundant normally anyway lol).  Internet at my mom's place is dial-up, so loading pages on the net is going to (seem) to take forever.  I'll still be checking my lj and my email ( so if anyone super-urgently needs to get in touch with me just either leave a comment or shoot me an email, but I probably won't have the patience to sit through the loading of all the f-page updates (or I might...seeing as there's nothing to do at home...but giving everyone a heads up just in case). 

So, everyone have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Good luck to anyone still having exams, and don't party too hard!!  Love you all <3~~

PS.  Osa's 1999-2007 single collection is so much love...god...I'd so marry this woman, and this is coming from someone who doesn't even plan to get anyone.  Since getting into 'Zuka I've secretly started an "Exceptions List"...*keeps drifting in Lala~ Land*