December 13th, 2007


Skystage Takarazuka Screensaver

Did that catch your attention??  XD  The shiny-ness calls to you doesn't it?  It grabs you and doesn't let you go >D

Alright, so obviously this post is directed at those on my f-list in the 'Zuka fandom.  Thanks to ekusudei's instructions I managed to download the screensaver that Skystage had up for grabs in celebration of their 5th anniversary.  First of all let me just say that the pics included in the screensaver are gorgeous, I stuck the screensaver on a few times and glued my eyes to my monitor for the entire slideshow.  The shinies, of course, could not be left alone and seeing as I had nothing to do (nothing...right...middle of exam month and I have nothing to do...) I went through and screencapped all the pics included in the screensaver.  My monitor's at 1024x768 resolution so that's what the screencaps are sized at.  There's one pic for each month starting from July 2002 running all the way to September 2007 (which, btw, is the one I photoshopped into that pic at the top of this post).

Collapse )

Have fun with these babies~!  Make sure you don't go blind from the shiny, wear sunglasses if you have to :D!! (Oh yeah, and lookit my newest icon!!  That scene made me cry even though I've only seen a 5 minute clip of it on youtube, I get so sappy watching 'Zuka performances :3 )