November 30th, 2007


$pending, $pending, $pending...

I wasn't going to spam my f-list with this, but dear lord I'm so happy and yet I want to bash my head against the desk at the same time.  F-locking this post since I don't want my mom to read this (yes, she knows my lj url and she does come to check sometimes XD).  She'll have my head if she finds out about this, at least right now.  I'll unlock this entry once a few years months have passed XDD

So, what happened you ask?  Well see, in this shopping mall near where I live, the Rideau Centre, there's this store called Trivium that sells clothes and accessories stereotypically labeled as "gothic" (I think there's only one store in existence and their in-store stock is 150% better than what they show on their website).  Their stuff lean on the expensive side, predictable since it's not mainstream fashion and so the stuff aren't mass produced, but because of this I tend to wander in once in awhile, 'ooh' and 'aah' at some stuff then leave empty handed as my budget as a student really doesn't allow me to splurge on shirts that are over $100 and gowns that are in the $200-$300 range (plus where am I going to wear Elizabethan-Vicorian era gowns anyway?  To class?? XDD).
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So, how's everyone else's X-mas shopping going??  Anyone gone insane yet besides me?  And thanks for all the encouragement in regards to my last post about the essay crisis with my roommate and friend, I really appreciate it (sorry I didn't respond individually to everyone's comments, I was going to but before I knew it the number of comments had grown to double digits >___<).  Hang in there those of you with exams coming up, the semester's almost done!