November 23rd, 2007


Christmas package delayed ;____;

Darn, it looks like the Takarazuka Christmas Present CD +DVD and the books I ordered from yesasia won't be getting here before the holidays ;___;  Yesasia initially had the shipped-out date for the books set at November 21st and the CD/DVD scheduled to be shipped out early December since it's coming out on the 28th of November, but some of the books I ordered didn't arrive at their warehouse yet from Japan so they rescheduled the date to December 7th.  That caused me to panic a bit since I'm going home on the 20th of December and I was afraid the 14 days in between wouldn't be enough for all the stuff to get here (especially seeing as it's Christmas season so the post office is probably a bit hectic with deliveries not to mention Canada post has quite a reputation for being slow even under normal circumstances) so instead I asked them to hold my entire order until January 6th next year when I'll be back from vacation just to be safe. 

Then I realized I won't get to listen to my babies (yes my babies, I'm staking claims already XDD) sing X-mas melodies before the holidays...and I was so looking forward to getting to hear all the top stars sing Silent Night while on the 6-7 hours bus ride home ;____;  Darn it...*sigh* oh well, at least I'll have something to look forward to coming back besides the beginning of another semester, I didn't realize it would take this long for yesasia to source all of the stuff I ordered (and yes I ordered A LOT...I'll take photos once it all gets here).

I'm starting to feel the Christmas warm fuzzies sneaking up on me already.  Last week I downloaded "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and a bunch of Japanese Christmas songs, I know technically it's just another day and all this hype is man-made but somehow the atmosphere just feels different around this time of year (and not just because the malls are lit up with blinking lights and there's either fake snowmen, pillow-stuffed guy in a red suit, short guys with pointy ears and/or deers with red noses staring at me through almost every store window either).

Now just to survive exams...yes good old exams that they insist on scheduling BEFORE you get to enjoy the holidays.  It's like we're dolphins and we've gotta jump through the fire-lit hoops before getting our fish on the other side of the pool -____-

Hmm...need some Christmas userpics...

[EDIT]:  Thanks for everyone's encouragement in my last post.  I DID manage to finish the research proposal on time, crappy a job as it was, but it's over and done with now :D  As for the WinRAR files I tried what a few of you suggested...still didn't work ;_____;  So instead I've asked the person uploading the videos to split the files using hjsplit for me as WinRAR seems to hate me or something.  That's ok, the feeling's mutual by now XD