October 9th, 2007


Gender politics; never a simple answer.

The following post's probably going to consist of some gender politics and it's probably not going to be 100% politically correct, just a heads up.

Ever since I've gotten into the Takarazuka the issue of gender politics has been circling around in my mind.  Generally I stay away from gender politics since it seems to be one of those unsolvable things, I mean men and women are different, physically and, dare I say it, mentally as well (in my opinion).  With my newest hobby being Takarazuka, however, it seems I can't really run from it since it's glaring at me in the face everytime I watch a youtube clip and wish I was the one in the otokoyaku's arms or see a photo of Mizu Natsuki or Sena Jun and want to kiss my computer screen.  Issue number one being what kind of sexual preference does that make me and issue number two being why are the otokoyaku's beginning to look more appealing than actual men.
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