October 5th, 2007


Procrastination, the bane of my university existence.

Mid-term season!!  AHHHHHH!!!!!  Got one today, two next week, and another two the week after I think.  Not to mention an assignment and a term paper due near the end of the month ;_____;  How did it become mid-term season so fast???  Where's my lovely summer?  :X  I just finished planning my school schedule (aka on a calender I write when any assignments/term papers are due and when there are tests/exams and then write down when I need to start studying for which exams and start writing which assignments/papers) and my October is jam packed.  I think I have one Saturday where there's no studying or writing involved, every other day in this month there's something.  I guess that's the usual in university?  I tend to just slack off and not do anything most of the time so having to study everyday makes it seem like a lot of work.  The good news is in November everything's a LOT more relaxed :D

School aside, lately I suddenly noticed that my tummy seems to stick out more than before.  I think all that weight I lost in the summer came from the boobies and the hips, making my tummy look bigger since it still stayed the same size.  Need to find an exercise that works the tummy....I thought sit-ups would do it, but it doesn't seem to be doing too much in terms of slimming the waist.  I find clothes shopping tends to give the weight-loss plan a hefty motivational shove.  It's a great feeling when a size that couldn't fit/felt tight before suddenly fits, at the same time there's always that longing to fit into the next smaller size.  Must drive the sales people crazy when I go into the fitting rooms with 5 shirts and decide to buy none XD  I think I need to start trying to lose the next batch of weight now.  Did pretty good during the few months in summer, took a slight break once school started (break as in, indulged in some fast food, junk food, ext.), and now that winter's peeking around the corner I'm going to try to lose another batch before it really gets here (actually before X-mas gets here...it's like a conditioned response, X-mas = gaining weight).  It's harder to lose weight in the winter though, colder and the body likes storing fat due to the cold weather, grrr....wish Canada's summer lasted longer (and with it our vacation time XD).

....procrastinating on studying for my mid-term today lol.  I'll probably be posting on here more frequently now that we're entering mid-term season, nothing like lj to help the procrastination process XDD  How do most of you study for exams?  I find myself just reading through my notes two or three times, not even bothering with my text books because I never have the time to read all 10 chapters in the text book covered on an exam.  I never have the patience to highlight key points or anything in my notes either, so everytime I just re-read them a few times and that's it.  Ok well...better get back to studying then, good luck to all of you who's also in the same mid-term boat as me~!

P.S.  Not to self: make Takarazuka userpics later and wallpapers later.

[EDIT]:  Ok, back from my mid-term.  Pft, easiest mid-term ever.  3 essay questions, I get to choose one that I have to write about.  Now see, this is what I mean when I tell people that for about 80% of the courses in my program I just have to take a quick skim through my notes and pass with a 'B'.  The question I chose to do was "What kind of actions can the United Nations take to promote international peace and security?  In your opinion, has the UN been successful at promoting this agenda?  If so, how and if not what are the obstacles in the way?"

Well let's see,
Actions: sanctions, military mobilization
Successful?: Nope
Why not/Obstacles?: Member states are only motivated to help other states when they stand to gain something out of it.
Proof?:  Rawanda genocide failure vs. Gulf War success, current war in Iraq, Kyoto Protocol
School of thought/theory this falls under?: Realism/Neo-realism.

That's not a mid-term...that's common knowledge (except that last one), especially for anyone in the third year of a political science program -___-