September 26th, 2007


Finally~ My fixed hair-cut

Ok, ok, so I procrastinate like crazy ;____;  I got my hair fixed at the hair stylist last Tuesday (after I chop-copped it myself) and now it's been over a week and I'm finally getting around to posting the photos.  I took these photos right after I got it cut...but I think it's already grown a tiny bit...that's the problem with short(er) hair...always need to go to the stylist to keep it maintained >___<

Collapse )

I also bought several dress shirts the other day in Chinatown.  They were on sale in this store, $10 bucks each so I bought 3 and then I got 4 pairs of pants too since my current ones have been slipping down my hips lately.  I was so happy because the shirts are button-up blouses with frills along the front and one has a little flower pin/brooch at the neck so it gives them an older-fashion look that I'm adoring right now (sorta like this or this shirt...anyone know what time-period these kind of shirts were in fashion?  You know, the large frilly cravats and such).

In other news, just to combine a little update on my daily life into one post since I haven't been posting regularly lately, I've been racing around trying to go to my classes and refrain from skipping.  I cannot express in words how grateful I am to have my own room now and not be at the mercy of a certain roommate's elephant-like walking and door-slamming.  My bunny's doing well, she's grown pretty big now, but cute as ever :D  Already I've got a few mid-terms coming up, grrr....doesn't that just suck?  It's like 3 weeks into class and hello~  mid-term season!  I feel like I've learned nothing (except in French class, I'm actually learning stuff in that class, got myself a good prof this semester for that class thank goodness).

So, that's been my life since school's started basically, how's everyone else doing~?