September 7th, 2007


Trudeau-pride :D

For those of you not interested into Canadian politics ignore the following.

Brian Mulroney go and jump off a cliff!  You coward!  Attacking Pierre Trudeau, one of Canada's best Prime Ministers (THE best if you ask me) in your goddamn memoirs, not to mention the fact that Trudeau's passed on so he can't be here to defend himself!  If you're so great and wonderful then do something for us Canadians to make us proud like Trudeau did before you go belly-aching!  If I had the money I'd buy your memoir when it comes out just to have a bon-fire with it >D  Screw you Mulroney, you can slander Trudeau all you want but don't think that'll pull the wool over Canadians' eyes to what an awesome person he was!!