September 6th, 2007


First day of class, over and done~

So, first day of classes over and done with.  Wow the university was busy today, everyone was bustling about.  I had USA History from 1945-Present first and then Intro to Methodology in Social Science.  My prof from USA History's pretty cool, his humour's a bit lame, but at least he tries.  He was telling us at the beginning of class that there's 2 driving forces behind the United States, historically and presently, though now one over-powers the other a bit.  At first I was thinking in my head "what 2 forces, the only thing driving America is money, good ol' Capitalist system" and it turns out one of the forces my prof revealed really was the mighty $$ lol.  The other was religion, which does make sense if you think about.  My prof for methodology isn't so bad either, though I think just the word methodology makes my head droop in boredom, but so far from the way my prof lectured I think the class should be ok.  So, two down, 3 more to go.

In between my two classes I had a 2 hour break (it's usually 1.5hrs but today the first class let out early) and I ran into sev0109 and Takumi during that time and we chatted a bit.  Did some roommate ranting, don't-wanna-be-back-yet whining, and just hung around.  After my last class, I met up with platinum_ice to go to the mall and got some necessities for my bunny.  On the bus that we took there, after we had gotten on, the bus driver started the bus just as I was going to sit down and I lost my balance and almost slammed head first into a chair and some guy XDD  When I looked over again to say sorry I found the guy was actually kinda cute, talk about embarassing ^^;;  It felt like such an anime moment lol.  Me and platinum_ice were kinda high the whole time (not like, literally, I think maybe it's cuz it was the first day of classes or something) and so we had a pretty good time at the mall, and I vented some more about Angela.

*sigh* It's good to have friends, actually it's essential to have friends, friends you can vent and rant to/with is even better.  Can't wait to get tomorrow out of the way and then it's the WEEKEND!!!!  Yeah, yeah, I know, it'll only have been 2 days, but still, the weekend's better XDD