September 5th, 2007


Playing on photoshop

Last day before classes start, going into my 3rd year in university, wow 3rd year already.  I can still so clearly remember my first day of my 1st year.  Ah the memories :D  I was in the mood for some good old nostalgia today, so I played around on photoshop and came up with this wallpaper (1024x768):

I think that's Cloud in the picture?  The art's by Yubinbasya, a doujinshi group containing the mangaka Akizuki Ryo (did I get that right?  Correct me if I'm wrong anyone).  She/he mainly does Final Fantasy stuff I think, which I don't know much about since I haven't played the games or anything, but her/his art is so gorgeous *O*  More of his/her art here.  I have a fascination with scanlines I think lol (scanlines are the faint diagonal lines, they can be horizontal, vertical, whichever way), they seem like a good way to add a final touch and to take up white space XD

[EDIT]:  And here we go, another roommate rant.  The year hasn't even started yet.  Well anyway.  When we had just moved into this apartment, it was supposed to be Angela's job to set up the internet account with Rogers since she also wanted to set up cable TV and her cell phone with them and they said in that case the account had to be under her name (Rogers has this service where if you sign up for 2 services you get 5% off, if you sign up for 3 you get 10% off and so on).  Being Angela, however, time and again she kept saying she was too busy and she had to study and this and that, so finally I offered to just get at least the internet set up under my name and Angela said that's fine, she'll just worry about her TV and stuff laterr.  Awhile ago, Angela bought a TV set and she asked me to go and add the cable TV service to my Rogers account since it's all under my name now and so I went and set up an appointment for Rogers to come in and install cable TV, that was suppose to be today.  Well, being the Einstein she was, Angela decided she wanted to go shopping today and asked me, oh excuse me, she didn't ask, she told me to wait at home between the times that the Rogers people were suppose to arrive so that there's someone to open the door for them while she and Bonnie go shopping. 

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PS.  My bunny has grown a taste for fortune cookies, hehe.