September 3rd, 2007


2 more days of freedom~

I think I caught a throat was sore a few days back and now my nose is stuffy >__<  Ah well, hope I get better before classes start.  I went to chinatown today and bought 2 bags of fortune cookies because I suddenly had a craving for now I've got like, 20 fortunes sitting on my desk <___<  One of my friends told me an interesting little note about fortune cookies, when you read them, add the words "in bed" to the end of them  XDD  On Saturday I went to eat at a Chinese restaurants with said friend and we each got a fortune cookie after the meal.  Mine was "Use your eloquence where it will do the most good" and I was like " bed?" XDDD

Speaking of chinatown and food, platinum_ice if you happen to read this post, are you free on Wednesday for dinner?  There's a restaurants in chinatown that sells Peking duck and I've been wanting to go soooooooooooo~ bad.  I have to call a day in advance to let them know if we're going to order the Peking duck dish, so if you read this let me know sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) if you can/want to go with me~  It can be like, the last celebratory dinner before we get sucked into the crazy, insane vortex of university again lol.