August 8th, 2007


Moving fiasco, finally DONE

Whew, after almost 2 weeks without internet I'm finally getting it back tomorrow (Thursday).  My mom came to Ottawa last week to help me move, and thank goodness she did.  Honestly if she hadn't come I don't know what we would've done.  Not only did she help us move our stuff in her car one trip after another, she also spent a fortune buying household things for us and I didn't even hear Angela say a word of thanks before my mom left. 

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So anyway, onto happier stuff.  I was soooooo happy mommy came, just to see her again, and talk to her, nice to be around a grown-up again after hanging out with a bunch of university students all year 'round, some of whom were awesome but others...not so much.  I actually cried the night she left because I missed her ;___; and I felt like she had just come, rushed through helping with the move, emptied her bank account on me -again- (except this time it was even to buy stuff I'll be using exclusively) and then had to rush back home to go back to work. Makes me feel of these days I'll make lots of money and at least attempt to repay her!!  *Nod* Yes I will. 

University's like this little bubble, this little world inside the outside world, sometimes I really like it, sometimes I can't stand it.  I know I'll probably look back on these times with great nostalgia one day but right now, looking at my stack of notes to study for my exam later I really don't want to be here haha.  I woke up this morning and stared at my bunny for a good 5 minutes willing that we could change places just for today XD  Yeah...didn't really happen, oh well, just got to make it through today and Friday then no more books starts in September again D:

So how's everyone else been these 2 weeks?  Better than me I hope?