July 26th, 2007


Moving rant

Stupid, goddamn, freaking, no-good , bash-my-head-again-the-wall, ARRRRRGHHHHHHHH   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just when you think you've got things settled another thing pops up!!  Our new apartment at Lees Ave. won't let us move in until August 1st, and since their office doesn't open until 10am, that's the earliest we can get our keys to the new apartment.  Well that posed a problem for us since our lease at our current apartment (Horizon Towers) ends on July 31st.  So my roommate, Angela, went down and asked if we can stay for August 1st so we can use that day to move and she came back saying that they said it's fine.  Ok great, so I booked a moving company for August 1st at 12pm.  Now today, I just learned that apparently, Angela didn't talk to the rental office or the manager (she probably talked to the security instead...) and it's not ok to stay for August 1st because they've already booked some people to come clean up the apartment on August 1st  .  I can't reach Angela on her fucking cell phone and I don't know whether to call the moving company now to cancel or reschedule or what!!  I don't even know if it's possible to cancel or reschedule or if they're going to charge us for it or anything.

I still need to pack, but there's some things I can't pack since I still have school so I need at least my computer since there's still one assignment that's due next Wednesday that I'm hoping to get done before my mom gets here on Sunday so I won't have to worry about it.  Then there's the rabbit that I don't want to move to a smaller cage to move until the last day since the poor thing looked so miserable the last time I stuck him in a small cage to hide him from the apartment's pre-move-out inspection inspectors  .  But then that also means I can't vacuum until after I've got the rabbit out so at least the vacuum will still need to stay until the last day or until whenever I get to move the rabbit.  Angela has a friend living in the same apartment as the one we're moving to on Lees Ave. and she's agreed to let us store our smaller stuff at her place, God Kazuki bless her <3

If those cleaning people come after 12pm on August 1st then it's not so bad since we'll be out anyway by then, but if they show up at say 9 in the morning, then we're screwed because our furniture and stuff will all still be here, even if we managed to move all the smaller things to Angela's friend's place

Omg I don't know what to do anymore, I'm sick and  tired of this, this entire month all I've been thinking is about this move andall the crap that needs to get done for the move.  I'm almost at the point where I'm tempted to go to our new apartment and plead with the previous tenants to let us start moving our stuff in even a day early on the 31st of July.  The next time I move I'm going to like, find a new apartment that'll be available at least a month before I have to move so I can start moving a few days earlier without having to worry about a previous tenant.  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!