June 23rd, 2007


Bunnies don't eat meat....right?

Today I was eating hot-pot in my room (borrowed the pot from a friend) and because my "room's" so small the smell dispersed through the whole place.  Angela, my roommate, came over to join me for a bit and she said something that made me have one of those "uhh....." moments.  She said with me eating all this meat in the hot-pot my bunny must be very tempted as well, so I should share a piece or two with my bunny.

Now...as far as I can remember, bunnies are herbivores right?  So...that means they don't eat meat right?  Like...isn't that one of those common knowledge things?  And then she asked me if cats eat meat.......I ended up just staring at her for a good 5 minutes before blurting out an intelligent "Huh?????!!!!!!!!!".  She wanted me to feed lamb meat to my bunny!! ;_____;  My poor baby!!  Here's a supplementary photo of my baby;

So cuuuuuuute~    I was looking on the Ottawa Humane Society adoption page today and noticed they had quite a few bunnies up for adoption (along with some awesome doggies, even a dalmation).  I was thinking once we move into the new apartment maybe I'll adopt another bunny to keep this one company...then I'll really need to think up a name...can't keep calling both of them 'baby' and 'precious'.  But then again if I get a doggie maybe the dog and bunny can keep each other company?  Does it work that way?

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