June 21st, 2007


No more obsessive friends-page refreshing?

I've been noticing that since my computer broke down and I had the excuse not to didn't get to check my f-list for that week while it was in the shop for repairs, even after I've gotten it back I haven't been keeping up with my f-list.  Before, every morning when I get up first thing is to check email and check f-page for all the new posts that were made between when I went to bed and when I got up, then I would go about washing up and such.  If I had to go out that day, I'd make sure to check my f-page as soon as I got back, just dump the bag/purse on the bed and hop on the computer.  If I don't have plans to go out that day, I'd just sit at my computer all day, refreshing that f-page about every 5 minutes (talk about obsessive eh?).  Then before I go to bed I'd always make sure to check the f-page once more. 

Now it's like, I check my f-page once every 3 or 4 days and with an average of about 300 new posts everyday popping up on my f-page...well you do the math (my math sucks, I couldn't figure out 12x8 yesterday ;____;), so obviously I don't read all of them anymore, just like, whichever's on the first 2 or 3 pages.  I had been getting tired of this obsessive need to be on livejournal whenever I'm at home and it's like that week without my compy gave me the incentive (or the excuse) to actually put down livejournal for more than 5 minutes.  Makes me kind of relieved that I haven't gone through like, withdrawal symptoms or anything yet which I had always been afraid I might get seeing as I was so addicted to this thing, but also kind of sad that that need isn't there anymore to keep up (always that tiny spark of a fear that I missed a post with some sexy scans of Kazuki or someone selling some good stuff at low prices on some of the selling journals).

Oh well, I guess that's life, and it's not like I'm leaving lj completely, I don't think I can ever completely put lj down 100%, plus it's just fun to get to share photos and stories (not to mention relaxing and theraputic to rant and vent in the public lol).

So if I seem more scarce these days, well, probably cuz I am ^^;;  But have no fear, I'm still lurking in the dark little corners of your lj :D