June 17th, 2007


Bitchy days are the way to go.

Summer classes begin tomorrow, bloody hell, feeling all kinds of crappy these past few days, partly because of some stuff that's been happening, but more so I think it's one of those unexplainable angst periods we all seem to get.  My roommate Jackie and her boyfriend (who also rooms with us and is staying in the same room as her) just had a big blow-up this past week.  Although they've made up now it was still crappy because I just about heard the entire argument through these stupid paper-thin walls.  Never liked the guy to begin with and now I wanna kick him where it hurts more than ever.  Remember that post I made a few days back here?  Yeah well that's him in a nut-shell, a miracle I've been able to stay in the same apartment as him for the past 10 months.

On the other side, my other roommate, Angela, has a friend named Bonnie who's suppose to room with me and Angela for next year since Jackie and her boyfriend want to move into a new apartment by themselves.  Since Bonnie's in China this summer me and Angela signed the lease for a 2 bedroom apartment for next year and as deposit we had to give the last month's rent.  Angela didn't have enough money so I covered for all 3 of us for the time being.  Then Angela went all pissy on me about having to stay in the living room in our new apartment next year and how she's not sure if she can handle it and how she should pay less since she'll be in the living room. 

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The only thing that's been able to make me feel even a little better it seems is a bunny I bought about a week ago.  Not sure if it's a male or female (the store clerk said it was too young to tell just yet, it's only 3.5 months old), I've just been referring to it as a 'he' just so I don't have to keep saying 'it'.  He's a Rex and doesn't really have a name yet, whenever I talk to him I just use pet-names like 'baby' or 'precious' (has a few in Chinese too, I speak to him in Chinese, English, French and the odd Japanese word, a multilingual bunny lol) ^^;;  So I'll finish this post with something less bitchy, got some photos of him under the cut.

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