June 10th, 2007


Kitchen Fire Version 2.0

Never realized how much smoke can affect a person until today =____=  Last time I accidentally set a plastic bowl on fire, this time my roomie prettyxkaykay accidentally set fire to some french fries.  I think some oil overflowed or something while she was deep-frying the fries and it spilled onto the burners setting the thing on fire.  I didn't realize until I smelled something burning and when I popped over to the kitchen prettyxkaykay and my other roommate, Angela, had stuck a metal bowl over the fire hoping to extinguish it.  Unfortunately the burner opens on the bottom into the oven so the oxygen supply wasn't cut off by the bowl on top and so the fire was still going under the bowl.  Fortunately there was some baking soda and I told them (actually yelled at them) to pour that over the top of the fire, can't remember where I'd heard it from but I remember reading or hearing somewhere that baking soda or baking powder puts out kitchen fires, and bingo, the fire fizzed out.

Unfortunately by then the apartment looked and felt like we had an army of fog machines and had turned them on full blast for a good 5 minutes >_____<  The stupid windows in the apartment also doesn't open all the way, only about 3 inches, and we couldn't open the door since smoke that gets into the hallway sets off the fire alarm for the whole building, so we had to count on the fans in the washrooms and the air conditioner.  My head kind of hurts from the smoke and I keep feeling like throwing up, not to mention there's a fine layer of soot on just about every surface.  Poor prettyxkaykay spent several hours cleaning up the kitchen, it looks spanking new now *o*  Even cleaner than before the fire lol.

Never a dull day around here, especially when we get our paws into the kitchen, hehe.